A little something about Modest Systems


"Thank you for a great training on Microsoft Word. I know that several of us have already avoided hours of formatting nightmares, using the tricks and tips you provided."
~ Client

"I wanted to thank you for all your hard work on the [XYZ] report. Both my colleagues and our clients were very impressed. Additionally, I appreciated your ability to meet my various sudden time frames with little or no warning! It was so great to be able to rely on you and your work."
~ Client

"The conference Web site with detailed agenda is laid out wonderfully. You have done a great job! I like the way you can see the whole agenda then hot link into the further details of each session."
"Thanks again for all of your hard work. It looks great and makes me proud of our site."
~ Client

"A feature that I always look for in a software package is the quality of documentation. Quality Analyst includes a well-written user's manual as well as companion volumes for setup, tutorials and the Web server. The tutorials include a set of exercises that take the new user from creating a control chart and data sets and performing data analysis to modifying the appearance of charts and reports to creating a run file."
"In all, given the strong feature set, configurability and good documentation, Quality Analyst scores just about perfect on my wish list."
~ from a review of Client's software (bold added)

"By the way, [the company president] said you did a great job on the help file--second to none he has looked at. First compliment I have EVER heard from him on documentation in any project. Makes me want to take a second look at it."
~ Client (Director of Development, software company)

"Once again I have to say how good the help looks. Good, good, good. As I was looking through it I found that it included documentation of features that even I didn't know about yet.... After I sent you a few comments yesterday, I discovered that some of the things that I asked for were already in there."
~ Client (QA Analyst, software company)

"I really like what you have done [with our Web site]!"
~ Client

"Amazingly good work in such a short period of time on a product you didn't know at all."
~ Client

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"I want to say that the Tables are very nice, very clear, as is the whole report. I don't mean to sound like a high-and-mighty English teacher, but your writing is about as good as I ever get to read in a technical context. I really enjoy reading it. ...once again, another nice piece of work. Thanks!"
~ Client

"[He] told me that you developed the help files for the Quality Analyst product, in addition to the NWA web site. Both are excellentemdash.gif (50 bytes)clean and well-structuredemdash.gif (50 bytes)and I've found your own web site to be very useful as well."
~ Client's Associate

"The [web] site looks great. Very easy to read and navigate."
~ Client's Customer

"Congratulations ... for a great working web siteemdash.gif (50 bytes)and released on scheduleemdash.gif (50 bytes)even with the [last-minute addition of the] patch disk download! I really like the navigation handling.... All of the web site parts are well thought out and the contents read easily. I think prospects visiting our web site will get a very good idea of the strengths of our products.... Our web site is already making a commercial impact."
~ Client

"It's easily the most professionally beautiful [Web] site I've ever seen."
~ Someone I met at a potluck ;)

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